When life gets busy, we often look for easy meals that can be made quickly. If you are running out the house but need a tasty meal idea, this recipe for an omelette which can be done in less than 5 minutes!

When you’re looking to create the perfect tasty omelette, you will have to consider the size of the pan. Too large a pan could cause the omelette to spread too thinly which is more prone to overcooking, while a small pan could make the omelette too spongy and thick to fold.

Removing your eggs from the fridge a few hours prior to making your omelette will help to form your omelette quicker once the eggs are in the pan.

Preparing all your fillings and ingredients first will help to make the process a lot quicker and easy to make before work. We are sure that you will love this easy to follow omelette recipe.

Quick and Easy Omelette

Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Servings 1


  • 2 Eggs
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 tbsp Cold water
  • Dash of oil


  • Take your eggs and crack them into a bowl –don’t put them directly into the pan as you need to mix them first!
  • Add a teaspoon of water and a pinch of salt andpepper before whisking until the white and the yolk are whisked together.
  • Add oil to the pan so that the mixture doesn’t stick and bring your pan to a high heat.
  • Pour in your mixture and cook on a high heat for two minutes, you can move your pan around to ensure the mixture takes the circular shape.
  • As the mix beings to come together, use a spatula to push the set egg towards the omelette centre
  • Cook the set omelette for another minute and loosen the edges with a spatula and fold the omelette in half.
  • Once out of the pan, serve immediately and enjoy your tasty omelette.


You can add any filling to your omelette such as tomato, cheese, onion, peppers or bacon. We are sure that you will love this easy recipe and you can even make this the night before work and reheat it at lunch time to make the perfect lunch snack.

McQueens Dairies Free Range Eggs

Why not try making your own omelette with McQueens Dairies Delicious Free Range Eggs? Our free range eggs can be added to your weekly deliveries in our online shop.

Remember to tag us in your quick and easy omelettes on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #mcqueensdairies and we will re-share your delicious creations!

omelette recipe

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Non-dairy milks have been around for some time now. However, they have become more popular in recent times due to more people opting for a plant-based life, wanting to reduce the volume of animal products they consume, or for health reasons. The demand for alternative milk products has grown in the last 10 years which has led to various different types of milk alternatives being made available.

What is non-dairy milk?

Non dairy milks are substitutes for traditional cow’s milk. Non dairy milks contain no dairy whatsoever and are usually plant based. Some are forfeited with vitamins and calcium to allow to you still consume important nutrients and minerals required by the body. Many people choose to consume non-dairy milk due to an intolerance to dairy which is more common than you may think. In the UK, between one and two in every 10 people have lactose intolerance which is why the demand for lactose alternatives have increased.

Many will opt for plant based milk options due to wanting to reduce the amount of dairy they consume. Alternative milks are popular for those who follow a vegan lifestyle as it is the most sustainable option. Others will drink non-dairy milk simply for the different taste and for a change to cow’s milk.

What types of lactose free milk alternatives are available?

McQueens Dairies are delighted to deliver a range of alternative non dairy milks. Our range includes: almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk and soya milk. As well as our range of alternative milks we offer, there are many more on offer such as quinoa, rice, cashew and pea milk.

Soya milk

One of the most popular alternative milks on the market is soya milk. This is because it has a milk flavour with a creamier texture than cow’s milk. Soya milk does not compromise on essential nutrients. It usually contains 8 grams of protein per cup with just 4 grams of fat. It is thought that this is the best milk alternative for toddlers due to the likeness to cow’s milk and milk taste. You can order soya milk to be delivered to your doorstep twice a week via our shop.

alternative milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is another popular dairy free drink. It is made from ground almonds and water. The great news is that it is usually forfeited with calcium and you can usually consume about half of your daily intake in just 1 cup. It is a low-calorie option that has a slightly thinner texture to it than cow’s milk. If you usually drink skimmed cow’s milk, then almond milk would be the closest substitute to it. Order almond milk to be delivered twice weekly via our online shop.

alternative milk

Oat Milk

Oat milk is becoming increasingly popular within the milk alternative space. It is smooth, creamy and naturally sweet which is why it is fast becoming the option of choice for many. It tastes great in lattes and is said to be the best milk alternative for coffee. Oat milk contains slightly more calories than other milk alternative options but it is high in fibre and carbohydrates. More brands, such as Oato are aware of the impact different types of packaging has on our environment. This is why Oato bottle their oat milk in glass reusable bottles. This makes oat milk the most sustainable milk alternative on the market right now. You can order oat milk in glass bottles to be delivered to your doorstep twice weekly via our shop.

Oat milk delivery

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a delicious and creamy non-dairy option. It is usually quite thin in texture but is full of flavour and has a whole host of benefits. It is has been linked to helping to boost the immune system as it contains a lipid called lauric acid, which researchers believe can help to support and build up the immune system. You can order coconut milk to be delivered to your doorstep via our online shop.

Coconut milk delivery

Quinoa Milk

Quinoa is knowns for its hearty grain packed with protein, and quinoa milk is also a nutritious choice for a non-dairy alternative. It’s a complete protein which means it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids. It is a great non dairy milk alternative as it is also full of fibre and important minerals like magnesium and zinc. It’s fast becoming a well loved milk alternative for the sweet and nutty flavour it has as well as it being packed with proteins.

Dairy alternative milks

Rice Milk

Rice milk is the perfect non dairy milk alternative if you have an allergy to nuts. It is usually always fortified with high levels of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Rice milk is sweeter than any other non-dairy milks however it contains little protein and calcium. Therefore in terms of nutritional value, you may want to opt for an alternative non dairy milk.

Dairy free milk alternatives

Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is a great non dairy alternative that is low in carbs and calories. It’s creamy with a rich consistency and sweet and nutty flavour, making it the perfect addition to tea or coffee. It is also packed with nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, D & E. Cashew milk is perfect if you suffer from lactose intolerance as it is lactose free. Since it has calcium in it, cashew milk can help to strengthen your bones, which means you are still receiving all the nutrients you would from cow’s milk.

Non dairy milks

Macadamia Milk

Another popular non dairy milk is macadamia milk. The macadamia nuts are soaked and then blended with water and salt giving it a balanced flavour. The taste isn’t too sweet or overpowering, similar to almond milk. It is a low carb vegan option, and is usually gluten-free and works perfectly in your cereal or smoothie. Macadamia milk contains some extra healthy fats with only one gram of carbohydrates per serving.

Vegan milks

Pea Milk

Pea milk is a fairly new non dairy alternative to milk but it’s so far been a hit with those who are drinking it. After soya milk, pea milk is said to be the closest tasting non-dairy milk to traditional cow’s milk, which is why people enjoy it so much. It’s made from pea protein, and it is fortified with vitamins and minerals so you still get benefits when drinking pea milk. It also contains proteins and is low in calories, making it the perfect option for a dairy free alternative.

Non dairy milk alternatives

Which non-dairy milk is right for me?

There is no one best milk alternative, however there are a few that provide additional benefits than others. There are countless options of brands, flavours and types of alternative milk to suit your taste. It’s important to remember that non-dairy milk alternatives will each have a different taste so don’t be put off if almond milk is not to your liking, try oat milk or coconut milk.

It also depends on how you like to consume the non-dairy milk. If you are looking for a dairy free milk that will froth up well, then oat milk is the best milk alternative for tea and coffee. If you are looking for a high protein milk alternative, then soya milk is the best option. Some non dairy milks are better in teas/coffees than they are in cereal for example, like oat milk. If you prefer a creamier taste then oat milk or soya milk is perfect. For a more subtle flavour then almond or coconut milk would be suitable.

Overall, it’s about finding what type of alternative milk works for you and trying different ones. The great thing about alternative milks is the variety. There is something to suit every taste and dietary requirement, it’s all about testing which is your preference.

Non dairy milks

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McQueens Dairies are proud to announce the official opening of our new distribution depot in Northampton and delighted to created 16 new local jobs as demand for doorstep a milk delivery in Northampton grows.

The new depot in St James Mill Business Park will serve customers living in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Wellingborough and Rugby. We will initially employ 16 staff with that number expected to increase significantly during 2021. This is due to the increased demand for a milk delivery. It comes as part of our expansion plan that will see new depots opening throughout the U.K to serve demand and satisfy the need for a milk delivery.

Milk Delivery Northampton

In addition to the milk delivery service in Northampton, we also deliver alternative milk, fruit juice, free-range eggs and yoghurts. You can order using the website. As a customer, you have direct control of your orders and are able to book holidays and pay online. David Rodger, depot manager of McQueens Dairies in Northampton said:

“Our new distribution centre is ideally located to deliver fresh milk direct to customers’ doorsteps in Northampton and nearby towns. This includes Rugby, Wellingborough, Bedford, and south to Milton Keynes. We have already employed 16 new staff and expect that to increase significantly before the end of the year. This is thanks to the increase in demand for a milk delivery in Northampton.”

McQueens Dairies have distribution depots in Sheffield, Mansfield, Bradford, Warrington, Preston, Stockton on Tees, Carlisle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Kilbride, Kirkcaldy and Galashiels. This is thanks to our customers who continue to support doorstep milk deliveries and has allowed us to grow. Ruairidh McQueen, director of McQueens Dairies added:

“Over the last 25 years customers have made our business the success it is. We are delighted to have opened our latest depot. We are looking forward to delivering fresh milk to doorsteps in Northampton and neighbouring towns.”

Milk delivery Northampton

Join thousands of customers and enjoy fresh milk, juice and eggs delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am.

You may have tried our delicious McQueens oat milk before, but have you ever tried making it yourself? Homemade oat milk is not as complicated as you might think and can be done using only one ingredient. Oat milk is lactose free which makes oat milk perfect for those who are lactose intolerant. It is important to note that making oat milk is not like making other alternative milks like almond milk. With homemade oat milk, the goal is to press and squeeze the the mixture as little as possible. This is to make sure you have the right consistency. Read below to find out how to make your own oat milk. Alternatively you a can get your Oat milk delivered to you door twice week in cartons or reusable glass bottles.

Homemade Oat Milk


  • 100 g Porridge Oats


  • Put the porridge oats into a bowl and fill it up with water from the tap. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and let the bowl sit for 4 hours or overnight. Do not put in the fridge.
  • Once you have let the oats overnight or for 4 hours, take a sieve and sieve the mixture and draining the water. Rinse the oats under the tap for a few seconds.
  • Now, put the oats into a blender or food processor with 750ml of cold water and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Blend until completely smooth with no oats visible. The more you blend, the creamier your homemade oat milk will be.
  • Put the sieve over a bowl or jug and let the mixture pour out. Leave to strain for about 1 hour.
  • When most of the mixture has been strained, take the sides of the cloth together and squeeze tightly to extract the oat milk.
  • At this point, you can bottle it up and keep in the fridge until you are ready to drink. If the oat milk is too thick for your liking, you can add 50ml of cold water until you reach the consistency you like.

The first time you make homemade milk, you might find it time consuming and tedious but the more you make it, the easier it will become. This drink will last 2-3 days in the fridge and for the best taste, we recommend you shake before use. Making this milk can be a fun task to do at the weekend and you can add your own variations to it. Some people like to add dates when making it or add more salt to it.

Homemade Oat milk

Can I use any type of oats?

Porridge oats do work the best, however you can try using rolled oats to make your homemade milk. The coarser the oat is, the longer it take for them to soak and sieved so porridge oats are best.

My homemade milk is too thin, what can I do?

If your cloth is too thick, this can cause the drink to become thin. This is because more of the mixture is being trapped in the cloth. A muslin cloth is a great type of cloth to use to make sure your milk isn’t too thin. As the recipe states, you can add water to thin the milk but there isn’t much you can do if it’s too thin.

My milk separates when in the fridge, why has this happened?

This is an common occurrence and can happen with almond milk or soya milk. To help with this, simply shake or stir the oat milk before consuming to bring it together again.

Making your own non dairy milk is a great way to start if you are looking to create your own alternative milk. The oat drink is a great addition to tea, coffee, breakfast cereal or even as a drink on its own.

We’re sure that this recipe will spark your interest for making your very own homemade alternative milk. It is a great non dairy alternative to cow’s milk and is widely used for those unable to consume traditional cow’s milk or for anyone who follows a vegan diet.

Oato Oat Milk

If making oat milk is not your thing, then we are pleased to now offer oat milk from Oato which comes in glass reusable bottles. The Oato milk is a creamy milk alternative which is lactose, nut, sugar and soy free. It is made with the freshest British ingredients. It contains no animal products so it is safe to consume if you follow a vegan or plant based diet. Many have said it is the best oat milk and because of the ingredients it is made from. It is also lactose free which makes it the perfect milk alternative as lactose free milk is good for you and offers a suitable alternative.

Oatomilk is made from British ingredients and packed with the right amount of nutrients required. Many say this plant based alternative is one of the best tasting oat milks. Oat milk for lactose intolerant sufferers is the perfect option and gives a wonderful taste to tea and coffee.

Homemade oat milk

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Often described as the most important meal of the day, breakfast was a meal that people skipped due to having a busy life. Sometimes breakfast was a quick coffee on the way to work, or a biscuit to keep you going until lunchtime. Breakfast cereal sales skyrocketed in 2020, but what is the cause for this? Since the Coronavirus pandemic has kept us in our houses, more people are dedicating time to that all important first meal. Breakfast cereal was a popular choice for the first meal of the day.

The importance of eating breakfast

Breakfast does exactly what you think. It breaks the overnight fasting period and fuels your mind for the day ahead. It helps to replenish your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness. This is why it is so important for children to have a breakfast each morning. It helps with concentration levels and sets them up for the day ahead. In a recent study it was shown that children who had eaten breakfast before school has higher concentration levels. Those who didn’t had lower concentration levels. The same goes for adults. For adults, the days you have a healthy breakfast will help with your concentration levels at work.

Eating breakfast means you are feeding your body with essential nutrients in order for it to function. Nutrients such as iron, fibre and folate that are found in breakfast cereals, means that your body will receive bursts of energy every so often until your next meal to keep you going. Eating a healthy breakfast will also stabilise your energy levels in the long run. Breakfast helps to jumpstart your metabolism and therefore helping you to burn more calories throughout the day.

If you are a frequent skipper of breakfast, it can mean that you are more susceptible to weight gain, increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. No breakfast means that any energy left in your body after fasting has to work harder and when there isn’t enough energy in your body. This can leave you feeling tired and sluggish.

Breakfast cereal

Why the sudden urge in breakfast cereal sales?

Before the pandemic, breakfast was a quick grab and go coffee for most people. However when the lockdown hit, more families made it a priority to eat breakfast every morning. Cereal was a quick and easy solution and the variety of choices made it even easier for the whole family to pick one that suited them. According to data from market research firm, Kantar, the biggest increase in sales for 2020 was from Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut, which was up £21.3 million – £12 million more than any other brand. Kellogg’s Coco Pops increased by £6.6 million. It was thought that chocolate, sweet and flavoured cereals were up by £67.8 million, making it the largest jump in the market.

Milk delivery sales increased during 2020

Porridge sales also seen an increase with more people opting for a hot alternative to cereal. With porridge, you of course need milk to make it. The recent surge in milk delivery sales has been due to the Coronavirus pandemic that had people fearful to leave their homes to go to the shops for essential items, such as milk and eggs. More people were on the lookout for a reliable delivery service that could deliver essentials to go with their breakfast. Because milkmen deliver much more than just milk, it meant people could have their eggs and juice delivered. This meant lots of fry ups and omelettes were also being made in lockdown.

People started to realise the importance of eating breakfast as well as supporting local businesses during such a difficult year. Milkmen have been delivering more milk than ever before and this is thanks to the increase in breakfast cereal.

Breakfast cereal

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A recent recipe for extra creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs has gone viral with people claiming it’s “the best they’ve ever had”. When we heard about this, we of course had to see for ourselves.

Kenji López-Al, a well known chef came up with the simple 3 step recipe for the perfect scrambled eggs. He revealed the secret to making your scrambled eggs light and fluffy and not rubbery or chewy is to add a small amount of starch. He said: “Adding a small amount of starchy slurry to scrambled eggs prevents them from setting up too firmly. This results in the eggs that stay tender and moist”.

The viral recipe says by adding 2 tablespoons of starch when making your eggs, this will make for the perfect texture to your scrambled eggs. You can use cornflour or potato starch to do this.

The Recipe

For the method, Kenji says to whisk in the starch with 1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of water until it is completely smooth with no lumps, before adding half the butter cubes, eggs and salt and whisking until “frothy”.

Then, heat a tablespoon of water in a nonstick skillet over medium-high, swirling gently until the water evaporates. Making sure to leave behind only a few small droplets.

Next, immediately add the remaining two tablespoons butter and swirl until the butter is mostly melted and foamy. This should take about 10 seconds. Finally, add the egg mixture and “cook, pushing and folding the eggs with a spatula, until they are slightly less cooked than you’d like them, about one to two minutes, depending on doneness.” says Kenji.

The chef lastly says “More vigorous stirring will result in finer, softer curds, while more leisurely stirring will result in larger, fluffier curds. Immediately transfer to the serving plate, and serve.”

Since the recipe went viral, many have taken to the internet to express their delight in finding this recipe. One said “These scrambled eggs are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ll remember to take a photo next time before I inhale them”. Another said ” I am so pleased to have found this recipe for scrambled eggs. The starch really makes the difference”

We’re sure you will love trying this easy scrambled eggs recipe

Scrambled Eggs

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There are many alternatives to tradition cow’s milk that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. When we started our very first milk round in 1995, cow’s milk was the only product we delivered. Fast forward to 2021, we are now deliver milk, juice, eggs and a range of non dairy milk alternatives including Oato. It is one of the best milk alternatives for its ingredients and taste. The protein it contains also make its a great high protein milk alternative.

We have recently teamed up with Oato to provide customers with a quality oat milk in reusable glass bottles.

Calum McQueen, Commercial Director said:

“We’ve seen demand for milk supplied in reusable glass bottles, and for oat milk, increasing. We’re pleased to be working with Oato to supply customers with bottled oat milk.  We will now be delivering Oato’s oat milk from all twelve of our depots in Scotland and the north of England, directly to customers’ doorsteps.”

Carl Hopwood, founder of Oato said:  

“We’re delighted to supply Oato through McQueens Dairies. We’re aligned with McQueens Dairies mission to delight customers everyday whilst reducing plastic waste.  We are excited to hear feedback from more households waking up in Scotland and Northern England to a UK made dairy alternative in reusable glass , and delivered to their doorsteps before 7am.  The UK grows an abundance of oats and we’re proud Oato is a sustainable dairy alternative made with 100% British oats.”

Oato oat milk delivery

Oato Milk Delivery

Oato is a creamy ‘non-dairy’ alternative milk product, which is lactose, nut, sugar and soy free. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Having your oat milk delivered in glass bottles means you are helping to bring back a tradition of the milkman delivery. Whilst moving forward with the times and doing your bit for the environment. Each bottle is able to be a use on average 25 times and then is recycled into new glass. This makes it one of the most sustainable milk alternative products on the market. We are dedicated to helping customers make small changes that have an impact on our environment through our glass bottles. Many say that Oato’s oat milk is the best alternative for tea and coffee because of the taste and how it froths up.

Oato Milk Delivery

Join thousands of customers and enjoy fresh milk, juice and eggs delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am.

The job of a milkman has been around for over 200 years when milk delivery first started in 1785. The milkman service declined in the 90s due to the arrival of supermarkets supplying milk in plastic cartons however, more recently it has seen a resurgence in the past few years.

Working as a milkman/woman has always came with it’s perks even from back in the day. When milkmen first started to deliver, they would often get to know their customers and look forward to meeting them as they did their rounds. Finishing at 6 or 7am was one of the biggest perks, going home when everyone else was going to work.

Milkman Jobs

Starting your work as the world goes to sleep may not at first, sound appealing. But the life of a milkman/woman is one that comes with benefits, not everyone gets at work. Having finished at 7am, means you’ll be travelling home just as the world is waking up. One of the best parts is in summer, you will watch the sunrise on those bright, early mornings.

McQueens Dairies deliver on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  This means you’re still working full time but only working for 4 days out the week. The best part is that you’ll have the weekends to yourself whilst being able to pick the kids up from school if needed. What’s not to love?

One of our milkmen, Paul Ward, who works in Warrington says he loves being able to deliver a great service to his customers “I love helping vulnerable people and knowing you are delivering a service to make someone’s life easier and receiving thanks for the service we are providing.”

McQueens Dairy Milkman

It’s not just a job for men though…one of our longest serving milk deliverers is a lady.

davina milk

Davina has been working as a milkwomen for over 40 years and was recently nominated as The Grocer’s dairy hero of the year for her outstanding service during the Covid pandemic. Davina originally helped out on her father’s milk float from the age of 12 and followed in his footsteps. It’s not just Davina’s clients who appreciate her. McQueens Dairies chairman Mick McQueen describes her as “a shining example and a model employee” who never takes a day off. “Our customers love her to bits.

There is always room for promotion too. Davina’s son, Bob joined the McQueens Dairies team in 2011 where he started off delivering milk and was later promoted at the start of 2020 to depot manager in our Kirkcaldy depot. He now oversees and supports all drivers and team leaders to ensure customers around Kirkcaldy get their milk delivery.

Sean Connery – Milkman Scotland

The name’s bond, James Bond. You may be familiar with the well-loved James Bond actor Sean Connery. Sean infact left school at 13 in Edinburgh and went to work as a milkman on a horse and cart at St Cuthbert’s Cooperative Society, having previously delivered milk for them from the age of nine. Although he famously never went on to pursue the rest of his career as a milkman, he was able to use this experience to then apply the skills he had learned delivering milk and used these to gain employment in the Royal Navy. He then embarked on his acting career and the rest is history. Sean would talk fondly about his days delivering milk and would enjoy the morning sunrises.


During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, McQueens Dairies recruited over 50 new milkmen and women to help with the demand of new and ever increasing deliveries each day. Some had lost their job due to the pandemic so it was great that we were able to help and recruit so many milkmen and women.

McQueens Dairies Milkman


If you think you have what it takes to become a milkman or milk woman, you can find our vacancies on our website. We have distribution depots in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Galashiels, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Warrington, Preston, Stockton on Tees and Carlisle.

Join thousands of happy McQueens Dairies customers and enjoy fresh daily milk delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am with our local milkmen.  Add on alternative milk, yoghurt, juice or just choose a milk and eggs delivery. Place your order in our online shop.

Doorstep deliveries of fresh milk in glass bottles made by McQueens Dairies Edinburgh has increased by almost 450% in just two years. Almost half of all doorstep milk deliveries now made by McQueens Dairies in Edinburgh are in glass bottles. This is a direct result of customer demand.

Milk Deliveries in Edinburgh

Calum McQueen, Operations Director at McQueens Dairies said: “Just two years ago about 1 in 10 doorstep deliveries made by our milkmen in Edinburgh was glass bottles but that has now increased to almost 1 in 2 as our customers’ buying habits have changed.”

Dave Murray, depot manager at McQueens Dairy Loanhead depot said:

“As the business has grown in Edinburgh so too have our staff numbers.  The number of milkmen working out of our Edinburgh depot has grown by 45% in the last year. As the business keeps growing, we’ll be looking to employ even more.”

As well as its busy depot in Edinburgh, we also operate distributions depots in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Kirkcaldy, Galashiels, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Warrington, Preston, Sheffield, Northampton, Stockton on Tees and Carlisle.

Calum McQueen added:

“During 2020 the number of new doorstep delivery customers overall has increased by around 30% and is continuing to rise.  In addition, when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March, we saw even more customers joining us. This was as they looked for a safe and reliable milk delivery service in Edinburgh.  

“Across the whole business in the last twelve months we’ve recruited around 200 more staff. We have opened new distribution depots and a new multi-million pound dairy. We have invested in a new, customer focussed website that gives our customers direct control of their orders. 

This is our 26th year in business and our customers have made our business the success it is. We look forward to continuing to serve them.”

Although the company is best known for dairy products they have also delivered an oat milk option since last year, but after requests from customers for products in more sustainable and reusable glass bottles they have now started to use Oato. Calum McQueen said 

“We’ve seen demand for milk supplied in reusable glass bottles, and for oat milk, increasing so we’re pleased to be working with Oato to supply customers with bottled oat milk.  We’ll now be delivering Oato’s oat milk from all twelve of our depots in Scotland and the north of England directly to customers’ doorsteps.”

Carl Hopwood, founder of Oato said:  “We’re delighted to supply Oato through McQueens Dairies, we’re aligned with their mission to delight customers everyday whilst reducing plastic waste.  We’re excited to hear feedback from more households waking up in Scotland and Northern England to a UK made dairy alternative in reusable glass – delivered to their doorsteps before 7am.  The UK grows an abundance of oats and we’re proud Oato is a sustainable dairy alternative made with 100% British oats.”

In addition to milk deliveries, we also deliver orange juice, apple juice and free-range eggs. You can order using the website. As a customer, you have direct control of your orders, are able to book holidays and pay directly.

Join thousands of happy McQueens Dairies customers and enjoy fresh daily milk delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am with our local milkmen.  Add on alternative milk, yoghurt, juice or just choose a milk and eggs delivery. Place your order in our online shop.

It has been announced that us Brits have managed to consume a record breaking amount of eggs over the Coronavirus pandemic. Sales for eggs skyrocketed when the government ordered everyone to stay at home, meaning a lot of baking was getting done. When the government announced it’s first lockdown back in March 2020 we seen a huge demand in customers signing up for an egg delivery along with their milk.

Many supermarkets simply couldn’t keep up with the demand for eggs nor could their packaging suppliers. Throughout the world there was a widespread shortage of pulp needed to make egg boxes due to the increase in demand of those cooking and baking at home.

An astonishing 8 billion eggs were bought in 2020 which meant £1.2billion was spent on the protein packed favourite. This was compared to the £950million spent the previous year. It goes without saying that it is thanks to the farmers who have worked continually throughout the Coronavirus pandemic to keep the nation going. Their hard work has meant we have still been able to enjoy our eggs, cakes and bakes throughout a tough time when staying at home was the only plan on the agenda for months on end.

Banana bread was a popular choice for people to bake in lockdown. Internet search for a banana bread recipe had soared by 525% by the end of April last year. It is also worth noting that banana bread was posted on Instagram more than 45,000 times last year. It was a great time for bakers to share their own recipe too. Over 900 new banana bread recipes were shared on the internet, meaning there was no escaping the banana bread. It’s an easy bake to make and only uses a few ingredients, which is why it was so popular in the first lockdown.

Nith Valley

We source our free range eggs from Nith Valley who are based in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The farm is a thirty acre site and is a former quarry and covered in a variety of trees. Therefore, it makes it an ideal setting for the six production sheds which are dotted around the modern sorting and packing unit. The beautiful landscape of the farm has been described as second to none amongst egg producers UK wide. The location has been well utilised to make the perfect home for the 13,000 hens currently at Nith Valley.

The hen’s health and well being are priorities at Nith Valley. This has been emphasised by the freedom that the birds have to roam through the bracken and bushes. Such emphasis is applied to providing the very best home and care possible to the hens . This is because Nith Valley strongly believes this aids the production of the freshest free range eggs from the hens. In terms of free range egg delivery suppliers, Nith Valley is most certainly unique in its setting. They are currently the only free range woodland based farm in the county.

Egg delivery

From the beginning of Nith Valley in 2009, the company has successfully expanded. Nith Valley is officially recognised as one of the top Scottish producers of free range eggs. The woodland farm provides our hens with the freedom to roam. This means they produce some of the best quality free range eggs in Scotland. This is why at McQueens Dairies we work with Nith Valley to deliver the very best eggs to our customers.

What do you make with your eggs?

A recent survey found that homemade bakes and treats are what kept us going throughout 2020 with other products like flour and milk increasing in sales. With not much to do, baking kept us busy and provided a well deserved treat for when working from home got too much. It’s thought that more people had breakfast in the morning when in lockdown. With the busy modern day life, a lot of people skipped breakfast in order to get the kids in school and themselves to work, all for 9 o’clock. With more time on our hands, people took to making themselves tasty home cooked breakfasts including fried eggs.

Egg delivery

Our customers love their egg delivery and often comment on how delicious they are. ” I get my milk and egg delivery every Monday morning from McQueens Dairies. It is the perfect addition to our breakfasts and our children love the eggs. The yolks are so orange and you can tell they are of a high quality. Therefore we will be continuing to purchase and order from McQueens Dairies”.

Join thousands of customers and enjoy fresh milk, juice and eggs delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am.

If you are intolerant to lactose, you may think that consuming milk is out the question for you. Lactose is found in most dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, many are staples in an every day diet. If you have been told you are unable to consume lactose and you think you have to compromise on your favourite dairy products, you don’t have to. The awareness around being intolerant to lactose has meant the creation of many milk alternatives to fit around this.

Being intolerant to lactose means that the body is unable to digest lactose in the same way as someone without this intolerance. It is when people do not produce enough lactase and therefore the lactose stays in the digestive system, causing the digestive to not respond well and cause illness. The body digests lactose using a substance called lactase. This breaks down lactose into 2 sugars called glucose and galactose both of which can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Some lactose intolerances may only last a few weeks, however it can continue into adulthood and affect people for the rest of their lives. It is important to know if you are intolerant to dairy to allow you to alter your diet and lifestyle. Some lactose intolerance show up in children at a young age. There are various milk alternatives for toddlers that are suitable for them to consume too.

Being intolerant to dairy is not a life threatening condition but it may alter how you eat and drink. It can become quite serious for some people in terms on the side effects so it’s best to know as soon as possible so you can avoid these foods.

Lactose Free milk and alternative milk products

The most obvious choice of milk to think about when you are intolerant to lactose is lactose free milk. This is exactly what you think it is, it is free from lactose. Lactose free milk has all the nutritional benefits and taste of standard milk, just without the lactose. This makes it safe for people with this intolerance to drink. Lactose free milk is the best milk alternative for those who are intolerant to lactose.

Intolerant to lactose
Photo credit: @cyahflynn on Instagram

Oat Milk

A lot of people do not realise that oat milk is actually lactose free. Oat milk is a perfect non dairy milk alternative. This is because it contains no lactose or dairy so makes a popular favourite for those who follow a vegan diet or are intolerant to lactose. Many say that oat milk is the best milk alternative for coffee as it is great for frothing. We offer Alpro’s oat milk which our customers enjoy having delivered if they are dairy intolerant. We now also offer oat milk in glass reusable bottles from Oato which many customers find is the most sustainable milk alternative. Oato is a creamy ‘non-dairy’ plant based milk alternative which is lactose, nut, sugar and soy free. It is made with the freshest British ingredients.

Intolerant to lactose
Photo credit: Oato

Almond Milk

Almond milk is another great plant based drink that is perfect for anyone who is intolerant to lactose. It has a nutty flavour and a creamy consistency and can be used as a replacement for cow’s milk.  It’s a great alternative milk that is suitable for vegans and contains no dairy or animal ingredients. It is also considered one of the best milk alternatives for tea and coffee.

Dairy intolerance
Photo credit: Alpro

Soya Milk

Soya milk has been thought to be the closest non dairy milk to cow’s milk on the market. This is because of the taste and the nutritional value it contains. This is a perfect substitute if you are intolerant to dairy as it tastes great in teas, coffee or in your breakfast cereal. soy milk is naturally free of cholesterol and low in saturated fat. It also contains no lactose. Soya milk is a high protein milk alternative and contains calcium, making it great if you are unable to consume cow’s milk.

Intolerant to dairy

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk makes a good milk alternative for anyone that has a intolerance to lactose as it is naturally lactose free. It is made by grating the white flesh inside a mature coconut and soaking it in hot water. It is dairy free which means it is suitable if you are vegetarian, following a vegan diet or lactose intolerant.

Lactose intolerant
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There are many alternatives you can have in your tea or coffee if you are intolerant to lactose. You don’t have to give up your favourite dairy products if you are lactose intolerant and most alternatives have similar nutritional value of cow’s milk. This makes it easier for you to enjoy your milk as you normally would. The range of alternative milks in endless and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Having a intolerance to lactose can make people feel confused about what they can and cannot consume. Sometimes it can be hard to know which products contain lactose and are therefore unsafe to consume. Becoming intolerant to lactose can start suddenly, and the best way to see if you are unable to consume lactose, is to keep a food diary. This way, you can record what you eat, when and how it made you feel. If a pattern emerges that every time you eat a dairy product you become ill, it’s a good indication you might to lactose intolerant.

Side effects of lactose intolerance

The side effects of being lactose intolerant include wind, bloating, stomach cramps and/or pain and feeling sick. These side effects can become unbearable for some people so the sooner you find out if you are lactose intolerant, the better. The severity of the symptoms can vary from person to person and how much lactose you have consumed. If you are unsure if dairy is causing these side effects, visit your doctor to confirm. Whilst there is no cure for lactose intolerance, knowing what you can and can’t consume will help relieve symptoms. It is important to note that being lactose intolerant is not the same as a dairy allergy. Food allergies are caused by the immune system reacting to a certain type of food you have consumed.

Dairy intolerant

Join thousands of customers and enjoy fresh milk, juice and eggs delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am.

The days of having your milk delivered by the local milkman may be a distant memory for some but for others, it is a newfound joy.

The decline in local milkman deliveries

Milk delivery seen a decline towards the end of the 20th century. The job of a milkman was at risk of becoming a memory. Many relied on a milk delivery as few houses had fridges to keep the milk fresh. Therefore a local milkman was crucial to everyday life in the 20th century. However, as fridges were becoming more popular, the need for a local milkman started to decline. With supermarkets now offering bread, milk, meat and other essentials, it made sense for people to pick the milk up at the supermarket with their shopping. A drastic decline in the milk delivery industry meant milkmen were out of jobs and runs were soon forgotten about.

Milk Delivery in the 21st century

There is no doubt that the need for a milk delivery in 2020 skyrocketed when people were ordered to ‘stay at home’ when the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020. Local milkmen had started to make a comeback in their numbers when David Attenborough’s Blue Planet was aired. This was highlighting the effects of single use plastics had on our environment. However, the more recent surge has been due to the Coronavirus pandemic that had people fearful to leave their homes to go to the shops for essential items, such as milk and eggs. More people went on the lookout for a reliable delivery service that could deliver essentials straight to their doorsteps, contact free. The fact that milkmen delivered much more than just milk was a relief for many. Local milkmen were in high demand at the peak of the pandemic.

With this demand, came the need to recruit more local milkmen to our delivery service. This included milkmen who had done the job many years ago returning to the job or people had had unfortunately lost their job due to the virus becoming a milkman/woman. Taxi drivers, restaurant staff and airport staff were among those who were recruited to become a local milkman/woman.

Local Milkmen/women during Covid-19

The work of local milkmen and women during the pandemic has not went unnoticed. Many would start work early and finish later to ensure their rounds were complete, and customers did not go without. Customer’s children would leave notes of appreciation out for the milkman or draw rainbows in the window for key workers. The small acts of kindness are what kept many of our staff going. Knowing they were providing a great service in an extremely difficult time. The demand for a milk delivery did not stop once lockdown was slowly eased. Many people had forgotten how beneficial having a local milkman was and continued the with service. Post lockdown, many have said they will continue with the service as it brings back memories of having their milk delivered many years ago.

Local Milkman Delivery

Join thousands of happy McQueens Dairies customers and enjoy fresh daily milk delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am with our local milkmen.  Add on alternative milk, yoghurt, juice or just choose a milk and eggs delivery. Place your order in our online shop.

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