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‘Make with McQueens’ Avocado & poached egg recipe

Poached Eggs | How to Microwave Eggs | Avocado and poached egg recipe

If you are an egg and avocado lover, then this recipe is for you. Poached eggs are an all time breakfast favourite, however when you add avocado to it, it becomes the ultimate healthy breakfast meal.

Avocado and poached egg recipe

Avocado & poached egg recipe


  • 2 Large McQueens Dairies free range eggs
  • 2 Slices of bread
  • 1/3 of an avocado, smashed
  • Salt and pepper for topping
  • Small handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half.


  • Bring a pot of water to boil (make sure to use enough water to cover the eggs when they lay in the bottom).
  • Crack the egg into a small individual cup, so that it's ready to pour into the water.
  • Using a spoon, begin stirring the water in a large, circular motion (like a tornado).
  • Once the water is really moving, add the eggs. The motion of the water will wrap the egg white around itself so the egg stays together as it cooks.
  • Cook the eggs for 2½ to 3 minutes, then remove with a slotted spoon.
  • Whilst the egg is cooking, toast your bread. The add the smashed avocado on top then add your poached egg.
  • Crack open your poached egg to reveal a perfectly poached, yellow yolk inside.

For best results, poach one egg at a time. However if you are tight on time, adding one after the other can also work. You may have to spin the water again before adding the 2nd one for the maximum effect. You can also pre make your poached eggs and simply add them into warm water before serving if you wish to make them ahead of time. If you find that the eggs whites are splitting, it means the water wasn’t swirled fast enough. To avoid this, make sure you insert the eggs as soon as the spoons comes out.

You can add various toppings to your avocado and poached egg meal. Cherry tomatoes are a healthy favourite to add but simply just adding salt and pepper is equally as nice. This recipe can be made the night before and simply heated in a microwave if you wish to have it for lunch the following day.

The great thing is, you can have eggs delivered straight to you doorstep along with your milk. This means you are never without if you are in the mood to make poached eggs with avocado on toast.

Avocado & poached egg recipe

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