• Can the milk man deliver during working hours?

    Our milkmen work throughout the night so the milk arrives at your office before 7am. This ensures your milk is the freshest it possibly can be and is there for your all important first coffee to set you up for the day.

  • If we have a large order or add more sites are discounts available?

    Yes. Our team will always work to offer you the best price possible.

  • Are we able to pay via invoicing/PO?

    Our preferred payment method is a weekly direct debit. Pending approval from our specialised team we are able to offer Invoicing/PO.

  • What if our office is closed upon delivering?

    We always aim to have your office milk delivered in the safest way possible, the drivers are happy to leave your milk in a designated space or locked box (not provided).

  • Can the milk man leave the milk inside if we issue a key?

    Of course…. if you supply the driver with a key we can leave the milk inside the building.

  • Are we able to be left a crate?

    As a company we have made the decision not to leave crates as these have ended up in weird and wonderful places, this also accumulates to the plastic waste.

  • Can we change our order once its placed?

    Your order can be changed at any point aswell as book holidays or pause your account.  The cut off for changes to accounts is 11am the previous working day.

  • What happens if our office is closed on bank holidays etc?

    Your account can be placed on holiday to miss this particular day.

  • Can you deliver milk in glass bottles?

    Yes. Our bottles can be reused around 25 times.

    Please rinse and leave them out for  the driver and he will replace them with your full ones.

  • Do you offer organic milk?

    Yes we can deliver organic milk in glass bottles and plastic cartons in semi skimmed and whole.

  • Can you deliver alternative milk products

    Yes we also can deliver Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Soya Milk, Coconut Milk and Lactose Free Milk

  • Do you offer any additional products to milk?

    Yes you can also add Orange Juice, Apple Juice and Free Range Eggs to your order

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