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September 21, 2018

What is organic milk?

Organic milk refers to the number of milk products from livestock raised according to organic farming methods. The nutrients in milk are the same, whether it’s organic or not. But where organic milk differs is the guarantee that there are no hormones that are added, and it is always antibiotic free.

McQueens Dairies Organic glass milk bottles

Where do we get our organic milk from?

At McQueens Dairies, we buy this from a company called Omsco, who supply organic milk to companies across the UK. Their milk is soil association certified “For our milk to be called organic, it must be produced according to a number of legally-binding rules; rules that not only ensure high animal welfare, but also guide farming best practice. Each year our farms are independently audited to ensure they maintain their organic certification”

McQueens Dairies Organic Cow

Omsco take pride in the welfare of their cows and “getting the best milk starts with happy, healthy cows and ours spend as much time as possible outside – on average over 200 days and nights a year – eating a natural, grass-based, 100% organic diet. They spend most of their time roaming, eating and dozing, and only come in when the weather’s bad. They don’t like being out in the rain any more than we do and, when inside, they have plenty of room in well-aired barns, with comfortable bedding” “Our cows are never pushed beyond their natural limits and have a daily routine designed to give them an enjoyable, higher-quality life. As social animals, they are milked in their friendship groups and at the same time of day, so this helps them to feel relaxed.

Living a more natural, carefree life minimises stress and creates a more pleasant environment both for them and all who work on the farm” You can read all about Omsco on their website.

McQueens Dairies cow

The benefits of drinking organic milk

There has been some debate on whether drinking organic milk is better for you. The NHS ran a study in 2016 which showed some differences in nutrient levels between organic and regular milk. While organic had more omega-3 fatty acids, linked to improved heart health, and was slightly higher in iron and vitamin E, it also had lower levels of iodine and selenium. Iodine is needed by the body to produce the thyroid hormone, and selenium helps to protect against cell damage.

It includes higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Milk is one of the most important components of our diet as its consumption ensures healthy growth and development, especially for children.

There is no evidence to say that drinking this milk has any long-term benefits but often people find it the more ethical thing to do.

McQueens Dairies glass organic bottles

Milk delivery saw a decline when supermarkets arrived on the market and were offering larger quantities of milk to customers in cartons. However due to the increase demand and awareness on the effect’s plastic is having on our environment more people are looking to switch to an alternative. A glass milk bottle delivery is perfect for those who want to reduce their plastic and looking for their milk to be right on their doorstep – meaning no running back to the shops for your forgotten milk!

McQueens Dairies offers organic milk in returnable glass bottles. Our glass bottles are reusable for up to 25 times before we cannot reuse them, and they are unsafe to refill and send back out to the customer. We offer organic whole milk and organic semi-skimmed milk which is available to buy from our shop. The nostalgic feeling that comes with drinking milk from a glass bottles is one that we all remember when we open our door and see our pints sitting waiting for us to wake up.

McQueens Dairies Milk

When you buy our organic products you are guaranteed:

  • Free range cows
  • Natural grass-based diet
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • No artificial, chemical fertilisers or herbicides are used on our pastures
  • High standards of animal welfare
  • Farming that works with nature for maximum biodiversity

Organic dairy cows are generally not pushed to their milk producing limits in the same way other cows can be. Average yields in the production are around 20% less than in intensive production.

In 1980, 89 per cent of all milk consumed by British households was delivered by the milk man before the supermarket age sadly took over.

The great news is the milkman is making a comeback with consumers looking to waste less by using glass bottles which can be washed and refilled.

Visit our online shop to place an order here.

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