Organic Milk Delivery

September 21, 2018

Organic milk has been gaining popularity among some consumers and we are delighted to now offer Organic Milk Delivery in Glass Returnables to our range.


Organic cows spend much of their lives outdoors where they can graze naturally on a diet of grass and clover. On average, organic cows spend, 215 days per year outside, which is more time outdoors grazing than the average amount of time spent outdoor grazing by ‘free-range’ cows.

What makes organic milk different?

When you buy organic milk you are guaranteed:

  • Free range cows
  • Natural grass-based diet
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • No artificial, chemical fertilisers or herbicides are used on our pastures
  • High standards of animal welfare
  • Farming that works with nature for maximum biodiversity

Organic dairy cows are generally not pushed to their milk producing limits in the same way other cows can be. Average yields in organic milk production are around 20% less than in intensive production.

Glass Milk Bottle Delivery

In 1980, 89 per cent of all milk consumed by British households was delivered by the milk man before the supermarket age sadly took over.

The great news is the milkman is making a comeback with consumers looking to waste less by using glass bottles which can be washed and refilled.

Enjoy your Organic Milk Delivery right to your door in Glass or Plastic Bottles. Choose from Semi Skimmed and Whole Organic Milk in pints or  1 and 2 litre bottles.

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