The nation’s favourite tea shades

The nation’s favourite tea shades

How do you like your Tea?

There is a big debate surrounding which colour is the ” correct” tea shades to have your cuppa. This all depends on how much milk you put into your tea.

Over on Facebook we asked you what your favourite colour of tea shades are and it really has people divided.

Linda said she was a 4D “Just waft the teabag in and out for me” whereas Ben disagreed saying “4D is basically milk.

Lynne’s not a fan of 3C either and said “That’s not tea, its wee” . The most popular shade was infact 2D.

A YouGov Omnibus survey of nearly 1,600 people agreed with 47% of people preferring a cuppa that’s exactly midway between a strong black tea and an ultra-weak cuppa just like our results.

To ensure you only drink your tea of choice and never drink a bad cup of tea again we have created a handy chart which you can share with your friends or colleagues.

Download and print the chart here and viola….no more bad cups of tea. I’ll take a B3 thanks!

Tea shades

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