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The days of having your milk delivered by the local milkman may be a distant memory for some but for others, a milkman delivery is a newfound joy!

At the heart of your community… come rain, hail or shine, your local McQueens Dairies milkman will keep you topped up with fresh, British milk from local family farms, a delicious array of yoghurts, free-range eggs, and many plant-based and dairy-free milk alternatives – all delivered to your doorstep before 7 am by your local milkman.

Do We Deliver to Your Area?

We deliver to thousands of households throughout the UK and we’re expanding into new streets all the time! We now cover most of Central Scotland, Northern England, the Midlands, and Northern Wales. Enter your postcode into our postcode checker to see if we deliver to you.

Why Choose McQueens Dairies?

We work hard to ensure the highest quality milk and produce get delivered straight to your doorstep by one of our local, friendly milkmen. McQueens Dairies is fully committed to keeping the traditional milkman service alive, and we work hard to ensure milkmen don’t become a thing of the past.

Who Will Deliver My Milk?

Our milkmen are all local to our regional depots. Having a local milkman and waking up to find fresh milk in glass bottles on your doorstep will be in many people’s memories and it’s great to see the resurgence in people using the local milk delivery service.

What Days Will My Milk Deliveries Be?

Deliveries are on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays depending on your delivery area. This will be advised by one of the team after your order is placed. You can find all our prices in our online shop and you can place an order here too.

What Else Can I Get Delivered?

McQueens Dairies doorstep deliveries include fresh, British milk from local family farms, a delicious array of yoghurts, free-range eggs, fresh juice, and many plant-based and dairy-free milk alternatives.

Can I Get Milk Delivered In Glass Bottles?

Yes! We love the taste of milk from glass bottles and we know that our customers do too, that’s why we have always continued our supply and production of glass milk bottles. In fact, milk in glass bottles lasts twice as long so you can be sure your milk will stay fresher for longer! You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment as each bottle is able to be used on average 25 times and then is recycled into a new glass! Simply leave your empty milk bottles for us on the step.

Where will my McQueens Dairies milk come from?

We source our milk from a farmer-owned co-operative called First Milk. First Milk supplies us with fresh milk collected from its local family farms. Like McQueens Dairies, First Milk is totally British – it is the only dairy co-operative in the UK 100% owned by its local British farmers, and we’ve been working with them since we opened our first dairy many years ago.

What’s more, working with First Milk means that we can be confident that all our milk is top quality, produced to the highest standards. First Milk members are mostly local family farms that graze their cows on grass as much as possible and every single farm is independently audited by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme. This means that you can be confident that the milk in our bottles can be traced back to a British farm that is dedicated to delivering high standards of animal care and welfare. Even better, First Milk farmers are also dedicated to caring for the environment, producing food in the most responsible way available, whilst forming a vital part of local, rural communities.