• Do you do cash collection, I thought I would just pay cash at the door?

    Direct Debit. We used to do cash collections but the feedback we were getting from our customers was that their account balance was building up each week because they were never in to see the milkman. Because people are just busier these days so we felt we had change with the times which people seem to like now, even our customers that were dubious to start with now comment on how much easier it is.

  • Do McQueen’s deliver to flats or apartment blocks?

    No, Unfortunately due to the time we deliver it is not possible to access flats or apartment blocks during the night.

  • Do you deliver glass bottles?

    Yes! We love the taste of milk from glass bottles and we know that our customers do too, that’s why we have always continued our supply and production of glass. Simply leave your empty milk bottles for us on the step. We now also do glass bottles of orange juice!

  • Do you deliver to offices and businesses?

    Yes we do! We know how important it is for staff to have their morning brew when they arrive into work and that’s why we can guarantee your milk is delivered to your office before 7am. We deliver to many different businesses and take pride in giving them the best possible service.

  • How much more do you give to the farmers?

    It varies from week to week, depending on the farm and also the amount of butter fat present in the milk. We buy all our milk from a company called First milk, they are the only co-operative that is owned by British dairy farmers, and they set us the price. Any farm that we collect from will have a First milk sign outside and all the farms we use are 100% from the UK, we don’t source any shortfalls from outside the UK.

  • Where does my milk come from?

    We buy raw milk from a company called First milk, they are the only co-operative that is owned by British dairy farmers and all the milk they collect is from farms within the UK.

    Our organic milk is sourced from Omsco who’s farmers produce solely raw organic milk.

  • How do I pay for my milk?

    A few years ago we changed all our cash collections to weekly direct debits. We found that people are busier nowadays so customers won’t waste time with cheques or online banking, and there’s no need for them to remember when payment is due. We just collect the right amount of money on the agreed date. It takes away the hassle of late payment. We’ve all been there, but late payments needn’t be an issue – with Direct Debit, the bill gets paid on time, every time. Plus weekly direct debit means it’s a smaller weekly amount rather than a bill at end of month.

    Our direct debit payments are taken in arrears so you pay the week after receiving your milk.

  • I can’t access my account online?

    Oops, there might be a discrepancy on your account. In most cases we have some incorrect details on your our side so they don’t match the details that you are entering.

    Please send a message via our enquiry form 

  • How do I cancel milk during holidays or change my order quantity?

    Best way to stop your milk for holidays or change your order is through our online facility. https://www.mcqueensdairies.co.uk/client_login.php

    If you have arranged holiday via the portal you will receive a confirmation email confirming this and ensure you have completed this and receive confirmation email of this.

    Or send a message via our enquiry form  . You can also give the office a call between 8am – 5pm

  • How can I become a customer?

    We are always thrilled when new customers come on board!  You can check on our postcode finder if we can deliver in your area and just order via our online shop

  • I have ordered via online shop. What happens next?

    After you place your order one of the team will get back to you by text confirming your delivery days and first date of direct debit.

  • What days will my delivery be?

    Deliveries are on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays depending on your delivery area.  This will be advised by one of the team after order is placed.

  • We love the reusable milk bottles, Why are your free range eggs in plastic packaging ?

    Using less plastic is our big goal. We trialed using cardboard recyclable packaging for our eggs but unfortunately the boxes were getting wet and thousands of eggs were getting wasted or enjoyed by foxes.

    Unfortunately we had to revert back to plastic packaging but managed to find a supplier who’s packaging is 100% recyclable and made with 85% recycled material.

  • Do you offer Free Trials?

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer free trials however customers are not tied into a contract and accounts can be cancelled any time.

    Our payments are taken a week after your order is delivered which can cause some misunderstandings when cancelling. Please ensure all payments are up to date before closing your account.

  • Can I claim free milk if I am a childminder or work in a nursery?

    All children under 5 who attend approved day care facilities are entitled to receive 1.3 pints of milk every day? We can deliver up to 5 days per week depending on location and order.

    To apply simply complete our form

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