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Forget the faff of driving to work via the shops, or spending your lunch break in the supermarket queue, get the essentials delivered before 7AM!

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Hybrid working. Zoom calls. Group huddles. Hot desking. Plant based sandwiches. Life surely has changed at work this last 10 years.

One thing hasn’t. Offices, factories and industrial estates the length and breath of the country need milk. Shudder at the thought of your first cuppa in the morning without it.

Or your colleagues arriving for an important early staff meeting and there’s nothing to go with their tea. Clients might be arriving and you’ve got the biscuits but nothing for the brews. And nobody, not one person, wants to have to traipse along to the shops in the rain to buy some when you run out. Or worry about getting some cash out to pay for it!

We’re here to help avoid all this hassle.

Milk to your office door by 7am guaranteed. And not just semi skimmed (which most of you seem to love best) but whole milk, skimmed milk, oat milk.. in fact a whole range of alternative milks!

With no minimum order and free delivery, it’s perfect for businesses of all sizes, we even bill via Direct Debit, so no need to trawl the petty cash!


Impress the boss, and make your life easier with reliable delivery before you’re at your desk.

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Billed weekly or monthly, always in arrears, so you only pay for what you receive- choose to pay via Direct Debit or invoice.

No Minimum Order

Or maximum! We supply businesses from one-man bands to those with thousands of employees.

Free Delivery

Our dedicated drive force will deliver your milk before you're even at your desk, for no additional cost.

But Why Us?

McQueens delivers across the UK, in most major towns or cities so nobody need miss out. And, with 29 years experience, you can count on us to be there in all conditions!

Plus, you are directly supporting UK farmers as it’s their milk that’s processed and delivered by us at our own dairy. Know that in getting deliveries from McQueens, you are also ensuring farmers get a fair price for their produce.

So if you want to make sure your business is fuelled for success – physically and mentally then get your quote today!


Products that will please even the pickiest in the office. Choose from a range of fresh milk in carton or glasses, alternative milks, flavoured milks and fresh juices!

They Get IT!

Delivering to businesses of all sizes across the country. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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