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Refer a FRIEND

The McQueens team is always growing! Refer someone trusted and you could earn £200!

Make a Recommendation

The following scheme is available for any role at McQueens Dairies that is not a driver role. Please see this scheme for driver referrals. 

Refer someone to a role at McQueens- and should we hire them and they stay with the business for at least 12 weeks, you will receive a payment of £200. Note that you must also still be employed at McQueens when this 12 week term is reached.


Please make referrals using the form below, make sure you have their permission before you do! 👇🏻


As this is a personal recommendation, it is important that you know the person well enough in order for you to endorse their work ethic and personal character.

You cannot refer someone who has previously worked for the company.

Any recommendation that is being made will be accepted for interview as long as a live application has not already been received by McQueens from any other source.

Anyone found to be abusing the scheme may be subject to Disciplinary action.

This scheme excludes Drivers, Logistics Managers, Depot Managers & Assistant Depot Managers.

Please ensure you have permission to share the details of who you are referring for the role.

Be aware that we will share your details with your referral to confirm details.

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