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Cancel Account

To cancel, just give our team a quick call πŸ“±

Why we don’t allow online cancellation at McQueens is a great question. The simple answer is that we want to, but due to the fact we bill you after receiving your products, in many cases there are small amounts left to pay to leave accounts in good standing.

As a result of this, in order to protect our business & to leave your account settled, we have had to implement a form of human contact in order to cancel your deliveries. This is in order to give our agents an opportunity to review the account and ensure that you are in good standing before ending your doorstep deliveries.

It also gives us the ancillary benefit of having an opportunity to fix problems we otherwise couldn’t. In many cases, all that’s required would be a replacement delivery or a change of products to resolve your issue. It also gives you an opportunity to give us direct feedback around our service so that we can improve as a business and enhance the experience of all your current and future McQueens neighbours!

So if you are looking to stop your deliveries, please call our friendly team on 0330 555 5588 between 8 am and 5pm and we’ll get this processed for you!