Do they still have milk delivery?

Yes! You can still get a milk delivery! You don’t even have to get out of your Pyjamas to get fresh milk delivered on your doorstep before 7am.

All over the country, milkmen and small dairies are making a comeback as more Brits turn their back on plastic and on supermarkets.

do they still have a milk delivery

Where did it all start?

Ever since the increased public awareness of the danger’s plastic is having on our environment, the UK have taken it in their stride to become more ‘plastic conscious’ and vastly reduce the amount of plastic they use. Shows such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and BBC 1’s War on plastic have highlighted the importance of the reduction of plastic in the UK and the negative impacts it has.

The harmful effects that single use plastics have on the environment is detrimental to the future of our planet. Research shows it can take thousands of years for plastic bags to decompose. Other plastic items such as cups and straws can find their way into animals’ stomach’s and noses, causing them great harm and discomfort.

do they still have a milk delivery

Good news

The Independent reports that plastic bag sales have decreased by 90% with some large retailers adopting a ‘bring your own container’ for fresh produce and other loose sold products.

More and more company’s and members of the public are making a conscious effort to reduce how much plastic they use. Restaurants worldwide have stopped issuing plastic straws and only issue straws when requested by the customer. Many universities and schools have taken the decision to cut back on plastic cups and straws to help the issue of single-use plastic consumption.

Hospitals, schools and emergency services are also said to have reduced the amount of plastic they use every day. Small changes can make a big difference to our oceans, protecting the animals who call it home.

This has led to an increase of people signing up to a doorstep delivery in reusable glass milk bottles.

do they still have a milk delivery

Glass bottle milk delivery

With people’s lives’ becoming increasingly busier, people are looking at more convenient ways to live. How convenient does having your milk delivered right to your doorstep for when you wake up sound?

The feeling that comes with waking up to glass milk bottles at your doorstep is one that remains one of the most exciting parts of the day. The convenience of having your milk ready and waiting for you and not having to lug the big 4 litre carton back from the shop, makes the experience of doorstep milk delivery even easier.

Home milk delivery saw a decrease in the last 20 years, but more recently has taken a huge spike with more and more people choosing this option for convenience and the nostalgia over shop bought milk. The glass milk bottles and glass bottles of orange juice are a firm favourite with McQueens Dairies customers as over 80% of new online customers opt for a glass bottle milk delivery rather than the plastic cartons. Many customers who were signed up with plastic, now actively switch to glass.


do they still have a milk delivery

Benefits of Glass Milk Bottles

You may think glass milk bottles and milk delivery are a thing of the past, but are they really?

There are many benefits to glass milk bottles. One of the most important benefits is that they can be reused as many times as possible. This makes it eco-friendly and more sustainable that the cartons. Milk cartons are thought to take thousands of years to degrade and can cause harm to the oceans.

The nostalgia of having a traditional milkman walk up your path and deliver your milk is a feeling that will bring memories back from your childhood. Many customers report that their kids love collecting the milk, the tradition has been passed on through generations! Being able to make that all important first coffee in the morning with fresh milk is an essential.

The convenience of always having a supply of milk and never running out is a great feeling! Deliveries once or twice a week from your milkman mean you’re never without and always ready for a cup of tea. The hassle-free service is great for those with a busy lifestyle or those with kids who go through milk like there’s no tomorrow!

do they still have a milk delivery

Rinse & Return

Just like it says on the bottle, rinse and return!

The glass reusable bottles do not have any limitations on how long we can use them for. We suggest around 25 times but if we can use them longer, we will! We reuse them until they are damaged and can no longer be used. We have a scanner which each bottle that is returned, goes through, to check for cracks in the glass. . This is a much more sustainable alternative than the single use plastic carton. Rinse your used glass milk or orange juice bottle out, leave it on your doorstep and our milkmen and women will take these away to be reused again.

do they still have a milk delivery

The return of the milkman in the modern day has proven to be a wide scale success. The convenience of having milk delivered right to your doorstep fits in with so many family’s life, and their mission to reduce their plastic consumption. The sustainability affects it has on the environment is only going to help the future of the environment.

Order glass milk bottles today

If you want to make a positive change and order your milk in glass bottles, place your order from our online shop today!

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