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  1. The kids preferred it to the orange juice I normally buy from the shops

1 Pint Orange Juice Glass Bottle

£1.99 including free doorstep delivery

New to McQueens? We’re a milk subscription that delivers twice per week!
Just choose your quantity to be delivered across the week, and you’re set. Questions? Click here.

Why McQueens?
  • πŸ“² Pause & skip deliveries anytime
  • 🏭 Produced at our own dairy
  • πŸ•– Guaranteed to be at your door for 7am
  • πŸ₯› From dairy to doorstep in 24 hours

Our Juice is the Best! πŸ₯›
We produce our juice at our very own dairy facility- where our mission statement and mantra is to produce the freshest juice in the country and get it to doorsteps as quickly as possible. Trust us when we say we’re a cut above the rest!

Helping the Planet 🌎
When you subscribe to juice in a glass bottle, we’ll pick up your empties! These will then be cleaned and re-used on an average of 25 times before being recycled- so by simply drinking OJ, you could be doing your bit for the environment!

Supporting Local 🏑
Whilst McQueens has grown into a large family, we’re providing infrastructure to local depots and milkman’s to service your community. When you support McQueens, you’re supporting your local area- as well as farmers all across the country getting a fair price for their pint.

Convenient πŸ•–
Finally, how good is waking up to fresh juice? We guarantee that your order will be on your doorstep for 7am, so you’ll never be out for that morning brekkie.

Start your day with a burst of freshness and energy with McQueens Dairies' Fresh Orange Juice. Our juice is made from handpicked oranges and is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. It's a great choice for anyone who wants to indulge in the natural goodness of oranges.
NutrientTypical Values per 100ml
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2 days ago
Liam Gimbert
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1 week ago
Michael W.
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3 weeks ago
Sam H.
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4 weeks ago
Travis B.
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The kids preferred it to the orange juice I normally buy from the shops

1 month ago
Nikki S.
Verified ownerVerified owner
1 month ago

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