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New Flavoured Milk from McQueens: Everything You Need To Know

McQueens Dairies Flavoured Milk

We are so excited to announce we have launched our new range of udderly delicious flavoured milk!

The three flavours, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Banana come in traditional glass milk bottles and are available to order straight to your doorstep, guaranteed for 7 am – just in time for breakfast!

Since launching, we have received a lot of questions about our flavoured milk, so we have compiled a list of answers to our frequently asked questions below.

What’s special about McQueens Dairies flavoured milk?

  • Three udderly delicious flavours including strawberry, chocolate, and banana.
  • All the goodness of milk – it’s a great source of calcium.
  • Packaged in traditional glass milk bottles.
  • Fully recyclable packaging – simply rinse your used flavoured milk glass bottle out, leave it on your doorstep and our milkmen and women will take these away to be reused again.
  • Free delivery direct to your doorstep by your local McQueens milkman.

What is flavoured milk?

Flavoured milk is milk to which a flavour has been added. It’s a fun way to enjoy fresh, nutritious milk.

What does flavoured milk contain?

McQueens Dairies flavoured milk is made with milk, sugar, flavourings, and natural food colourings. Full Ingredients and nutritional information for all three flavoured milks can be found on the product page of each flavour:

How often can I get flavoured milk delivered?

Our flavoured milks are currently only available for delivery on Thursdays and Fridays, depending on when your driver calls in your area.

How much does the flavoured milk cost

Each flavour costs £1.49 per pint. Delivery is completely free of charge!

What is the difference between flavoured milk and milkshakes?

A milkshake is typically blended with ice cream. Flavoured milk is just that—milk with flavouring mixed in.

Is flavoured milk healthy?

Similarly to plain milk, McQueens’ flavoured milk is a nutritional powerhouse, containing nine essential vitamins and minerals. Including calcium, vitamin D and potassium, as well as protein, vitamins A and B12, riboflavin and phosphorus.

Is flavoured milk OK for my kids?

Whilst plain milk is the best choice for kids, some children just don’t love the taste, putting them at the risk of avoiding milk altogether.

Calcium is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in children and adolescents, and flavoured milk is a great way to encourage your child to get more of it in their diet. Adequate consumption of calcium will help your child build bones and keep teeth healthy. Our flavoured milk also contains the same amount of vitamin A as our plain milk, which helps the body resist infections and is needed for healthy skin and eyes.

Is flavoured milk OK to drink during pregnancy?

Milk and dairy foods are good sources of calcium, which is especially important in pregnancy because calcium is vital for making your baby’s bones and teeth. Your body uses more calcium in pregnancy than when you are not pregnant.

The NHS suggests pregnant women should have three servings of dairy each day – including ⅓ pint (200ml) of semi-skimmed milk.

However, that milk doesn’t have to be plain! Flavoured milk still contains as much protein, calcium, and phosphorus as plain milk. So, if you find yourself in the mood for something more flavourful, a glass of flavoured milk is a great option to reach for.

Does flavoured milk contain gluten?

If you are avoiding gluten, you’ll be delighted to learn all three varieties of our flavoured milk are gluten-free and safe to drink on a gluten-free diet.

Is flavoured milk suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! McQueens Dairies flavoured milk is suitable for vegetarians.

What about McQueens’ strawberry flavoured milk, is it suitable for vegetarians?

Much of the red colouring used in mainstream food production (including strawberry milk) is from Cochineal. Cochineal, also known as carmine, carminic acid, Natural Red 4, or E120, is a red dye made from a crushed insect native to Latin America. It is used to colour many food and beverage products, including dairy-based drinks.
However, at McQueens Dairies, our strawberry flavoured milk is suitable for vegetarians as the colour responsible for its beautiful pink colour is sweet potato & carrot concentrate.

You’ll also be happy to hear that McQueens Dairies chocolate and banana flavoured milk are suitable for vegetarians, too!

Our chocolate flavoured milk is coloured with Caramel E150d Sulphur Dioxide, and our banana flavoured milk is coloured with Safflower Extract, Sweet Potato & Carrot Concentrate.

How can I add flavoured milk to my order?

Existing customers: add flavoured milk to your order via the customer portal. Alternatively, you can contact customer services on 0330 555 5588.

New customers: first check we deliver to your area via the postcode checker. Then add your preferred flavoured milk to your weekly order.