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Mooving Up the Pay Scale: McQueens Dairies becomes an accredited Living Wage employer!

McQueens Dairies has today become accredited as a Living Wage employer. Their Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at McQueens Dairies across their dairy, offices and depots around the country receive a minimum hourly wage of £10.90 per hour. This rate is higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £10.42 per hour. 

In Scotland, 91% of all jobs pay at least the real Living Wage, this is higher than any other UK nation. Despite this, nearly 1 in 10 jobs still pay less than the real Living Wage which equates to 221,000 jobs. 

The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate calculated according to the costs of living. Employers choose to pay the real Living Wage on a voluntary basis, recognising the value of their workers and ensuring that a hard day’s work receives a fair day’s pay.  

Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 60,000 people in Scotland and put over £370 million extra into the pockets of low-paid Scottish workers.  

Calum McQueen, Commercial Director of McQueens Dairies said: 

“I’m thrilled to share that we’ve proudly become a Living Wage employer, ensuring that every member of our dedicated team receives a fair and sustainable wage, particularly in the current climate. 

It’s part of our commitment to not only produce and deliver the freshest milk but also credit the incredible individuals who make it all possible. Together, we’re building a workplace where we work hard to develop, retain and fairly reward our staff as we continue to grow.” 

Liam Houghton, Webchat & Retentions Specialist who will benefit from the Living Wage uplift said: 

McQueens Dairies becoming an accredited Living Wage employer has been a very positive change. Before, I would spend most months just getting by but now- I’m able to cover everything extremely easily and now I’m also able to occasionally treat myself which has been really nice!” 

Peter Kelly, Director of The Poverty Alliance said:  

“We all need an income that is enough to cover our needs and protect us from poverty, and it’s only right that employers pay a wage that reflects the cost of living. Too many workers in Scotland are paid less than the real Living Wage and, at a time of rising costs, are struggling to stay afloat. The real Living Wage can offer protection from those rising costs.” 

“Congratulations to McQueens Dairies on their Living Wage commitment, and I hope more organisations follow their lead by becoming Living Wage accredited.” 

Lynn Anderson, Living Wage Scotland Manager said:  

“We’re delighted that McQueens Dairies has become an accredited Living Wage employer. They join a growing movement of over 3000 employers in Scotland who together want to ensure workers have what they need.  

Our Living Wage employer network includes well known organisations such as SSE plc, ENABLE Scotland and the University of Strathclyde as well as lots of smaller employers and we hope to see many more follow their example.”