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Meet the Team – Linzi Ward

McQueens Dairies Customer Service

McQueens Dairies Customer Service Advisor

Linzi is one of the friendly and knowledgeable McQueens Dairies customer service advisors. She is an invaluable member of our team and she always goes the extra mile for her customers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at McQueens Dairies.

My Name is Linzi Ward. I am 34 years old and a Customer Service Adviser for McQueens Dairies.

How long have you been at McQueens?

I have been at McQueens Dairies now for just over a year. This has flown by considering I have not been in a working environment for 9 years. This is due to having children and being a housewife. However, now they are school age I have loved being back in work.

What do you like most about working at McQueens Dairies?

The best thing about working for McQueens Dairies is that it is a family run business and from the moment you start you are made to feel like a member of the family. Everyone is so welcoming from your team members to management.

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the McQueens team?

If someone wanted to join McQueens Dairies I would tell them to go for it like I did. My Husband has been with McQueens for 3 years now as a milkman and he loves the company. So when I was ready to go back to work, he knew I would be okay and encouraged me to work for McQueens, knowing what a fantastic company it is. I would also tell anyone especially in these hard time, we have not had to worry about  job security and always have been supported by management.

What is your favourite product from McQueens?

My favourite product would have to be the fresh milk. Until I was introduced to McQueens milk, I did not know there was a difference between fresh dairy milk and supermarket milk, boy was I wrong. It is so much nicer and I would never go back to supermarket milk now.

Have you got a funny story or memory from your time working here?

The best memory from working at McQueens Dairies I think will stay with me for the rest of my life. When we were in the height of lockdown and working from home, we were able to get our phone services back up and running. I had one call from a lovely lady and she wanted to add some milk to her current order. After I had dealt with this ladies query, she began to tell me how lovely it was talking to someone as it had been 3 weeks since she had seen or spoken to anyone. It broke my heart so I stayed on the phone for a few more minutes to cheer this lady up. After this, it made me aware that lots of people were struggling and our company was not only helping by delivering to them, but also by a few minutes chat on the phone was making a massive improvement to someone’s day.

McQueens Dairies Customer Service

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