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Egg Delivery from McQueens Dairies

Milk and egg delivery

McQueens Dairies has been providing customers with a milk and egg delivery to doorsteps across the country for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality farm fresh free range eggs to our customers. You may be wondering how we source them. We tell you below.

Nith Valley

We source our free range eggs from Nith Valley who are based in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The farm is a thirty acre site and is a former quarry and covered in a variety of trees. Therefore, it makes it an ideal setting for the six production sheds which are dotted around the modern sorting and packing unit. The beautiful landscape of the farm has been described as second to none amongst egg producers UK wide. The location has been well utilised to make the perfect home for the 13,000 hens currently at Nith Valley.

The hen’s health and well being are priorities at Nith Valley. This has been emphasised by the freedom that the birds have to roam through the bracken and bushes. Such emphasis is applied to providing the very best home and care possible to the hens . This is because Nith Valley strongly believes this aids the production of the freshest free range eggs from the hens. In terms of free range egg delivery suppliers, Nith Valley is most certainly unique in its setting. They are currently the only free range woodland based farm in the county.

From the beginning of Nith Valley in 2009, the company has successfully expanded. Nith Valley is officially recognised as one of the top Scottish producers of free range eggs. The woodland farm provides our hens with the freedom to roam and produce some of the best quality free range eggs in Scotland. This is why at McQueens Dairies we work with Nith Valley to deliver the very best eggs to our customers.

Egg Delivery

There are various things you can make with your egg delivery. Whether you are making breakfast with your free range eggs or baking, you can always find a use for your eggs. There’s nothing like a fresh, yellow, Nith Valley free-range egg yolk, so don’t waste them if you’ve been whipping up a meringue. You can use your egg yolk to make a hollandaise sauce or a lemon or vanilla curd for a dessert.

If you have the egg whites leftover from your egg delivery, you can freeze them to keep for a later date. You can thaw them overnight in the fridge and you can whisk them up for meringue and pavlova. You can also use them for omelettes, breads or pastries. However we would recommend you use them asap.

Our customers love their egg delivery and often comment on how delicious they are. ” I get my milk and egg delivery every Monday morning from McQueens Dairies.It is the perfect addition to our breakfasts and our children love the eggs. The yolks are so orange and you can tell they are of a high quality. Therefore we will be continuing to purchase and order from McQueens Dairies”.

Egg delivery

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