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Plant Milks

Plant Milks

These days, there are so many great variations of plant milks to suit every dietary requirement. The range of alternative milks is widely advertised and cater to every person, one way or another.

Lactose free milk alternatives originated during the 14th century but have come a long way since then. Fast forward to 2021, there are a whole host of alternative milk products. Alternative milk has seen a rise in the amount of people now opting for this choice due to dietary requirements. McQueens Dairies has seen the demand for an alternative milk delivery and started to over milk alternatives to our range.

Plant milks used to be a rarity. You would have to hunt high and low to find just what you were looking for. With the increased awareness of veganism and the ever-changing dietary requirements of the modern person, it’s hard to avoid plant milks now. There are various different options of non-dairy milk like sweetened and unsweetened. Each plant milk has its own benefits but they can all be replaced with normal milk. You can add any plant based milk to your tea, coffee or cereal without the compromise.

Soya Milk

Plant milks

Research has shown that soya milk is the closest thing in terms of the nutritional value and taste to traditional cow’s milk. This is because it provides the same amount of calories per serving and provides more protein than any of milk alternative other options. It is known for being a high protein milk alternative as the protein within it supports muscles and organs. Soya milk also comes in 2 different options, sweetened and unsweetened. McQueens Dairies offers both so you have the choice. It is also a great milk alternative for toddlers as it is the most similar in taste and nutrients to cow’s milk.

Oat Milk

Plant based oat milk

Oat drink is another good choice to being as close to cow’s milk as possible. It does a good job of providing a comparable alternative in terms of calcium and fat. It has half the amount of protein — and more sugar — so it should be limited to avoid too much sugar consumption. Oat milk has said to be the best milk alternative for tea and coffee and froths up nicely and is becoming increasing popular thanks to companies now providing oat milk in glass bottles. We are pleased to offer the oat drink in glass reusable bottles which makes it the most sustainable milk alternative from those listed.

Almond milk

Almond milk another great plant based milk that contains the correct nutrients required. It usually has less than half the calories per cup of cow’s milk, which is perhaps why it is so popular among many. It has very little-saturated fat and no sugar, which is a great way to still enjoy milk in your cereal. Almond milk tends to come in various options such as sweetened and unsweetened. If you are watching what you are eating, the unsweetened option would be best. Almond milk is the most popular form of alternative milk with many saying it is the best milk alternative. This is because of it’s creamy taste and the various options.

Plant based milks

Plant based milks have been around for some time but they are becoming more popular. If you follow a vegan diet then we can still deliver to you with our range of alternative vegan milks which can be substituted for normal cow’s milk. We deliver vegan milk alternatives as well as traditional milk to your doorstep before 7am on a Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday depending on your delivery area.

Plant Milks

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