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Which type of cow’s milk is the healthiest?

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One look at the dairy shelves of any supermarket, and you will be bombarded with multiple milk options. Whole milk, semi skimmed milk, skimmed milk, 1% fat milk, soy milk, oat milk, almond milk and lactose free milk.

Everybody knows about the benefits of milk can provide to the human body. Dairy milk or alternative milk is a staple in most households but what cow’s milk is the healthiest?

According to USDA, three cups of cow’s milk is required by a human body to meet the daily dairy requirement. However, since varieties are available even for cow’s milk, such as whole milk, skimmed milk, and semi-skimmed milk, it’s interesting to know which one is the healthiest.

Skimmed Milk

As per the latest research, skimmed milk may not be the healthiest choice. While it’s low in calories and fat compared to whole milk and contains a higher amount of calcium. Skimmed Milk is missing out on fat-soluble nutrients, such as Vitamin E and A.

Semi Skimmed Milk

Semi Skimmed Milk is also classed as a low-fat food because it contains a lesser amount of fat however the disadvantage is that it has lower vitamins like A and E. If you consume semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, ensure that you get fat-soluble vitamins from other food sources.

Whole MIlk

Whole milk, on the contrary, is very different from skimmed and semi-skimmed milk. It contains 3.25% milk fat. It is also known as regular milk primarily because fat doesn’t get removed from it through the alteration process. The main reason people avoid drinking whole milk is due to its saturated fat content. However whole milk helps in improving cholesterol levels and contains vitamin K, amino acids, magnesium, and calcium that can do wonders for good health without the need to top up throughout the day.

Choosing the best milk for you is really your choice depending on your goals but we hope that our article are helped you decide what cow’s milk is the healthiest and the best milk to order with McQueens Dairies

However If you are lactose intolerant or seeking the healthiest milk alternatives, here are also some of our alternative milk options to consider for guaranteed delivery to your doorstep before 7am.

Alternative Milk

Oat Milk Delivery: Oat milk is a great non-dairy milk alternative. It is made from natural oats that have been blended with water. It is also lactose-free which makes it the perfect milk alternative 

Soy Milk Delivery: Soy milk contains the protein found in cow’s milk, and the best thing about drinking soy milk is that it is low in fat. Nutritionists consider this milk to be the closest to cow’s milk. If you want a milk beverage that will provide protein, soy milk becomes a great option.

Almond Milk Delivery: Almond milk is a good alternative for cow’s milk and contains essential vitamins, such as B12 and D, and is fortified with calcium. However, if you have a tree nut allergy, almond milk is not advisable.

Coconut Milk Delivery: Coconut milk will be blended with water to ensure cow’s milk consistency. It’s a safe alternative for people who can’t drink almond milk. One thing to keep in mind is that coconut milk will be higher in saturated fat.

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