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The life of a Modern Milkman

McQueens Dairies milkman

The job of a milkman has been around for over 200 years when milk delivery first started in 1785. The milkman service declined in the 90s due to the arrival of supermarkets supplying milk in plastic cartons however, more recently it has seen a resurgence in the past few years.

Working as a milkman/woman has always came with it’s perks even from back in the day. When milkmen first started to deliver, they would often get to know their customers and look forward to meeting them as they did their rounds. Finishing at 6 or 7am was one of the biggest perks, going home when everyone else was going to work.

Milkman Jobs

Starting your work as the world goes to sleep may not at first, sound appealing. But the life of a milkman/woman is one that comes with benefits, not everyone gets at work. Having finished at 7am, means you’ll be travelling home just as the world is waking up. One of the best parts is in summer, you will watch the sunrise on those bright, early mornings.

McQueens Dairies deliver on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  This means you’re still working full time but only working for 4 days out the week. The best part is that you’ll have the weekends to yourself whilst being able to pick the kids up from school if needed. What’s not to love?

One of our milkmen, Paul Ward, who works in Warrington says he loves being able to deliver a great service to his customers “I love helping vulnerable people and knowing you are delivering a service to make someone’s life easier and receiving thanks for the service we are providing.”

McQueens Dairy Milkman

It’s not just a job for men though…one of our longest serving milk deliverers is a lady.

davina milk

Davina has been working as a milkwomen for over 40 years and was recently nominated as The Grocer’s dairy hero of the year for her outstanding service during the Covid pandemic. Davina originally helped out on her father’s milk float from the age of 12 and followed in his footsteps. It’s not just Davina’s clients who appreciate her. McQueens Dairies chairman Mick McQueen describes her as “a shining example and a model employee” who never takes a day off. “Our customers love her to bits.

There is always room for promotion too. Davina’s son, Bob joined the McQueens Dairies team in 2011 where he started off delivering milk and was later promoted at the start of 2020 to depot manager in our Kirkcaldy depot. He now oversees and supports all drivers and team leaders to ensure customers around Kirkcaldy get their milk delivery.

Sean Connery – Milkman Scotland

The name’s bond, James Bond. You may be familiar with the well-loved James Bond actor Sean Connery. Sean infact left school at 13 in Edinburgh and went to work as a milkman on a horse and cart at St Cuthbert’s Cooperative Society, having previously delivered milk for them from the age of nine. Although he famously never went on to pursue the rest of his career as a milkman, he was able to use this experience to then apply the skills he had learned delivering milk and used these to gain employment in the Royal Navy. He then embarked on his acting career and the rest is history. Sean would talk fondly about his days delivering milk and would enjoy the morning sunrises.


During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, McQueens Dairies recruited over 50 new milkmen and women to help with the demand of new and ever increasing deliveries each day. Some had lost their job due to the pandemic so it was great that we were able to help and recruit so many milkmen and women.

McQueens Dairies Milkman


If you think you have what it takes to become a milkman or milk woman, you can find our vacancies on our website. We have distribution depots in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Galashiels, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Warrington, Preston, Stockton on Tees and Carlisle.

Join thousands of happy McQueens Dairies customers and enjoy fresh daily milk delivered straight to your doorstep before 7am with our local milkmen.  Add on alternative milk, yoghurt, juice or just choose a milk and eggs delivery. Place your order in our online shop.