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McQueens Dairies add Oatly oat milk to product range

McQueens Doorstep Milk Delivery with free range eggs, orange juice, and plant based milk alternatives

Oatly Oat Milk Delivery | Oatly Barista Milk | Oatly Whole Milk

We are proud to announce that we have introduced a range of Oatly oat milk products to our ever expanding delivery range. This comes as demand from customers has peaked and many are now on the hunt for a milk alternative. Oatly are the leading oat milk brand worldwide and we are delighted to add these to our range at McQueens Dairies

About Oatly

“We are the world’s original and largest oat drink company. For over 25 years, we have exclusively focused on developing expertise around oats: a global power crop with inherent properties suited for sustainability and human health. Our commitment to oats has resulted in core technical advancements that enabled us to unlock the breadth of the dairy portfolio, including alternatives to milks, ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams, and spreads. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, the Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries globally.” – Oatly.

Oatly Oat Milk

Increasing consumer demand and ever-changing dietary requirements means that we are now able to offer a wide range of milk alternatives, including Oatly. Oatly are passionate about providing their customers with the best quality product, whilst sourcing their ingredients ethically. They are dedicated to making their company as sustainable as possible and are always making changes and evolving to do this. They are actively taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint as well as expanding their work with farmers and reducing the amount of water that goes into each product.

Oatly are big on sourcing ingredients that are good for you, and the planet. This is shown in the nutritional value of each of the products and their commitment to always striving for the most ethically sourced products.

Oatly barista oat milk

Oatly Barista

We have added one of Oatly’s most popular oat drinks – Oatly Barista milk to our range. This barista style oat milk is creamy, light and perfect in coffee. It is based from liquid oats which means it isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. It is fully foamable in coffee and won’t split in teas, making it a perfect milk alternative. The good news is that it is vegan and dairy free, making it a popular plant based milk alternative. The ingredients and nutritional information for Oatly Barista edition can be found here. Oat Milk calories for the Oatly Barista Milk is 59 kcal per 100ml.

Oatly whole oat milk

oatly oat milk

Oatly’s whole oat drink is the perfect milk alternative if you are looking for a direct replacement of cow’s milk. It’s chilled so needs to be kept refrigerated and we would recommend giving it a good shake before using. The best thing about Oatly whole oat milk is that it is vegan and completely dairy free! The ingredients and nutritional information for Oatly whole oat milk can be found here. Oat Milk calories for the Oatly Whole Oat Milk is 57 kcal per 100ml.

Oatly semi oat milk

Oatly oat milk

Oatly semi oat milk is the perfect blend to add to your tea, coffee or cereal. It contains vitamins and minerals to give you the same benefits as drinking traditional cow’s milk. This oat milk is vegan and dairy free, which is great if you are intolerant to dairy. The The ingredients and nutritional information for Oatly semi milk can be found here. Oat Milk calories for the Oatly Semi Skimmed Oat Milk is 46 kcal per 100ml.

Oatly skinny oat milk

Oatly oat milk

Oatly skinny oat drink is a low in fat, creamy and delicious oat milk alternative. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals to give you the same benefits of drinking cow’s milk. It can be used a direct replacement for cow’s milk with a subtle sweet taste to it. The ingredients and nutritional information for Oatly skinny milk can be found here. Oat Milk calories for the Oatly Semi Skimmed Oat Milk is 37 kcal per 100ml.

What is the difference between your Whole, Semi and Skinny oat drinks?

The Whole, Semi and Skinny oat drinks are part of the chilled range, therefore have to be stored in the refrigerator before & after opening.

The difference between these products is the amount of fat they each contain. The Whole oat milk contains 2.8 grams of fat, while the Semi oat milk contains just 1.5 grams. The Skinny oat drink does not contain additional fat (rapeseed oil) like the Whole and Semi do, the Skinny oat drink’s fat content stands at 0.5g and has lower oat milk calories. This gives the whole oat drink a creamier taste, while the Semi tastes more similar to semi-skimmed cow’s milk. The skinny tastes similar to skimmed milk.

All three oat drinks have been tried and tested and have been made to work perfectly in hot drinks, good news for all you coffee lovers!

Which Oatly oat milk do I choose?

Within our Oatly range available for delivery, it can be hard to know which product to choose. If you are a lover of a latte, then we would definitely recommend opting for Oatly Barista style oat milk. It’s frothing abilities means you can whip up your very own coffee shop style latte in the comfort of your own home. That’s not to say the other 3 chilled products won’t go well in coffees. The chilled range can be used as a direct replacement for cow’s milk. This means you can drink it straight from the carton, add to tea/coffee or pour on your cereal.

Whichever Oatly oat milk you decide to choose, McQueens Dairies will be sure to have your milk delivery on your doorstep in the morning, just in time for that first morning coffee.

Oatly milk

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